The 8th Heathcote Film Festival


The 8th Heathcote Film Festival has been put to bed, and from the feedback received the event was enjoyed by everyone.

The 9th Heathcote Film Festival will be held on  

 Saturday 31st August, 2019


The winner of the 2018 Jasper Hill Jury Prize


The winner of 2018 Peoples' Choice Award


"Mrs McCutcheon"


Director: John Sheedy

Writers: John Sheedy (story), & Ben Young

Producers: Andre Lima & Jenny Vila

Cinematographer: Sky Davies

Cast: Alec Golinger, Wesley Patten, Nadine Garner, Virginia Gay & Neil Pigot


This wonderful film ticked all the boxes for the Jury and the audience: script, direction, cinematography, art direction, casting, costumes and soundtrack.

Congratulations to all the cast and crew from the Jury and audience,

8th Heathcote Film Festival 2018

 Jury-Prize-2018 Peoples-Choice-2018



    MrsMcCutcheon-promoStill-01 copy   John Sheedy & Tony 2