9th Heathcote Film Festival

 Saturday 31st August 2019

Program 2019

Session One

Water (Australia – 2017)                                           13 minutes – Drama

Writer/Director: John Harvey   

Cast: Deborah Brown & Aaron Pederson

Synopsis: Water is life. And without it, life does not exist.

A pregnant woman must survive in a dystopian world without water.


Backseat Driver (UK – 2019)                                                   8 minutes – Drama

Director: Rich Peppiatt  Writers: Rich Peppiatt & Danny Wigley

Cast: Michael Fenton Stevens, Kirsten Foster & Shiraz Haq

Synopsis: A banker becomes the target of his chauffeur's fury - but is the power dynamic on these four wheels quite what meets the eye?


Birdie (USA – 2018)                                                                 8 minutes – Drama

Writer/Director: Shelley Lauman 

Cast: Maeve Dermody, Sam Parsonson & Joshua Brennan

Synopsis: A woman walks alone to the train station. As she descends the stairs to the underground platform she smiles at a young man, he smiles back. With the smallest of gestures, the woman becomes caught in a subtle and sinister game.


Negative Space (France – 2017)                                              5 minutes – Animation

Writers/Directors: Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter

Cast: Albert Birney

Synopsis: Even though Sam's father is hardly ever home because he is often away on business trips, he is able to connect with his son by teaching him how to pack a suitcase.


The Hitchhiker (Australia – 2019)                                           13 minutes – Horror

Writer/Director: Adele Vuko

Cast: Liv Hewson, Brooke Satchwell, Claudia Pickering, Isaro Kayitesi & Christiaan Van Vuuren

Synopsis: Jade hits the road to Byron Bay with two besties, resolving to keep her terminal diagnosis on the down-low. When an enigmatic hitchhiker makes her an offer, she finds it hard to refuse.



Apprentice of the Year (Australia – 2015)                               8 minutes – Comedy

Writer/Director: Justin Evans

Cast: Shane Jacobson, Fiona Harris & Layne Ellis

Synopsis: When a builder takes advantage of his apprentice, he finds out the hard way to never underestimate anyone.


Session Two

Ritual(Australia – 2018)                                                             15 minutes – Drama

Writer/Director: Robert Linsley

Cast: Gary Sweet, Rory Potter, Sam O’Dell & Alison Whyte  

Synopsis: For the Devlin family God is everything. When their eldest daughter disappears from their remote farm, the local cop sent to investigate is disturbed by what he uncovers.



The Polygamist(Australia – 2014)                                               7 minutes – Comedy

Director: Craig Melville  Writers: Craig Melville & Adele Vuko

Cast: Sarah Bishop, Anthony Taufo, Martin Dingle-Wall & Steen Raskopoulos

Synopsis: Polly is involved in a multiple-partner relationship. Life in a modern polygamous marriage seems to be great, but is this alternative lifestyle beginning to take its toll on her? When the cracks begin to show we realize that perhaps polygamy isn't everything she hoped it would be.


Be You T. Fool (Australia – 2019)                                                6 minutes – Documentary

Writer/Director: Brendan Pinches

Synopsis: An anonymous street artist reveals her secret practice of pasting portraits on the pillars of Chandler Highway Bridge in Melbourne, Australia.


Desert Dash (Australia – 2018)                                                   13 minutes – Comedy/Action

Writer/Director: Gracie Otto

Cast: Damian Walshe-Howling, Krew Boylan & Gracie Otto

Synopsis: On the outskirts of Australia, opals are now the currency for survival in the game of Desert Dash. When a feisty heroine gets the opportunity to 'level up' there is no choice but to win. Game On.



Lost & Found (Australia – 2018)                                                    7 minutes – Animation

Directors: Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe  Writer: Bradley Slabe   
Synopsis: Lost & Found is a stop motion short film that tugs at the heartstrings. A clumsy crochet dinosaur must unravel itself to save the love of its life.


Jackrabbit(Australia – 2018)                                                           9 minutes – Comedy

Writer/Director: Alex Feggans   

Cast: Boris Brkic, Nicholas Burton & Manuel Caputo

Synopsis: Based on a true story. An Italian backpacker stops at a remote gas station in Australia and is confronted with a strange situation.

All films are unrated: some strong language and adult themes.