In 2023, we showcased local and international short films, with something for everyone with comedies, dramas, animation and documentaries.

A Simple F*cking Gesture (Canada – 2020)                                           8 minutes
Writer/Director: Jesse Shamata                                                              Comedy
While stuck in traffic, emotions escalate for a husband and wife when another driver doesn’t give them a “thank you wave” after cutting in.
White Lies (Australia – 2022)                                                              12 minutes
Writer/Director: Greg Moran                                                                   Comedy
When his well- intentioned lies to get his daughter a scholarship escalate and spiral out of control Dave has to choose between having money and power or being a good role model for his daughter.
Hope, Healing and Sunflowers (Australia – 2023)                                  7 minutes
Director: Alexandre Songeon Senzaki                                              Documentary
Australia-based Ukrainian painter Olena Vigovska shares art’s power to heal hearts as war rages back home.
Eat Your Carrots (Australia – 2022)                                                       3 minutes
Director: Laura Stewart                                                                       Animation
Carrots are good for your eyes. Maybe too good. “Eat Your Carrots” is a short stop motion animation about a girl who finds an eyeball growing on her arm.
RUN (United Kingdom – 2023)                                                            11 minutes
Writer/Director: Matthew Bartlett                                                             Drama
Two strangers discover they have more in common than they first thought.
Resurrection under the Ocean (Turkey– 2021)                                       3 minutes
Writer/Director: Serkan Aktaş                                                                   Drama
A man, helplessly sinking to the bottom of the ocean undergoes a resurrection with a symbolic narrative.
The Outside Dunny (Australia – 2023)                                                    7 minutes
Writer/Director: Walter Smithers                                                            Comedy
The history of Australia’s iconic Outside Dunny is explored through the lifespan of one alfresco loo and the tenants who’ve used it.
While The Cat’s Away… (Australia – 2020)                                            11 minutes
Writer/Director: Aaron Carroll                                                                Comedy
Sarah receives a message that her beloved will be late home tonight. What will she do to pass the time? Whatever she wants…
Culicidae (Australia – 2021)                                                                  7 minutes
Writer/Director: Greg Moran                                                                   Comedy
A late night intrusion leads to a life and death struggle.
Yellow (United Kingdom – 2023)                                                          13 Minutes
Writer/Director: Elham Ehsas                                                                   Drama
In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, a woman walks into a store in Kabul to buy her first full-body veil.
The Honoured Ones (Australia – 2022)                        7 minutes
Writer/Director: Andrew Flenley                                                               Drama
Cast: Tony Davie, Sal Galofaro
A fictional exploration of the underground mafia who ran a drug business in rural Victoria.
Cry Of The Glossy (Australia – 2022)                                                   10 minutes
Writer/Director: Tim Brown & Michael Portway                                Documentary
The endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo holds a special place in the heart and culture of poet and Gunai woman Kirli Saunders.
Two Dollars (Australia – 2023)                                                              8 minutes
Writer/Director: Natalia Cricri                                                                   Drama
When Olivia moves to a new country she has to learn to adapt to a new culture and also the sly tactics of a school bully.
Harvey (Australia – 2020)                                                                   12 minutes
Writer/Director: Aaron Caroll                                                                  Comedy
Harvey finds out his best friend has passed away. He does what he knows best: runs away.
Karl Heinz (Australia – 2022)                                                                4 minutes
Writer/Director: Andrew Robb                                                                 Comedy
A grumpy driver installs a technical upgrade to his old car with unexpected results.
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